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Fanart Contest!!! With Prizes!!

So we now hold our first ever Fanart Contest!

The theme of the Fanart contest will be us, Nightraxx and Roaring Rhythm!

(Above are examples you can use as Reference Pictures, thanks to the respective Artitsts)

To ensure equal chances for everyone who enters, Two winners will be chosen randomly,  and one Grand Winner will be chosen by a Jury, who consist of Artists we know and ourselves. Also you do not have to be a follower to compete!


1st Place (will be chosen) : Will win 20 Euro/25 Dollar(Currency exchange rate), we will pay it onto your Paypal account or send you a Paysafe Card!!!

2nd place (random) : Will win 10 Euro/13 Dollar(Currency exchange rate), same procedure as above!!!

3rd place (random) : Will win 5 Euro/8 Dollar(Currency exchange rate), same procedure as above!!!

NOTE : If we get enough Entries, we will increase the Prize Money and maybe add a 4th Price!!!!!


1. You can either Reblog this with you Fanart submission attached, OR

2. You can enter the contest by submitting your Art via the Submit button on our Page.

3. Any Style; whether Pony, Anthro or Humanized is welcome. You can also theme the picture (Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Grimdark, etc) anyway you like.

4. You can Reblog this, even if you don’t enter, to let other Artists know about this chance!

5. Everyone, who submitted Fanart, whether he/she wins or not, will be followed, and promoted via our tumblr.

6. The list for the Random-generating Process will be combined of the submissions made and Reblogs with Fanart attached.

This Contest will end on 22th of July. Good Luck to all Competitors!!

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